Getting a Girlfriend: A Straight-Talking Guide for Real Guys

You’re finally ready to find your girlfriend and dive into dating. It can be an exciting experience, but you might also feel like you are blindfolded in a maze. Don’t worry! Here’s a no-nonsense approach to finding your special someone. Read more now on hanging out.


Be yourself. It’s cliched but being authentic is attractive. Imagine you are at an event and meet someone who is too eager to impress. They are boasting about their work and dropping names from left to right. It is exhausting. Imagine someone who’s relaxed and genuine. Maybe even a touch goofy. What person would be more enjoyable to spend time? Exactly.

Next, get out and about! You won’t find anyone on your couch binge watching Netflix (even though we love a series marathon). Join clubs and groups in your area of interest, such as hiking or painting. By doing this, you will meet people with similar interest and have a topic to discuss right away.

Speaking of communication, it is crucial. Talk naturally, ask questions and truly listen to what is said. Tell a joke if your friend mentions that she loves animals. For example, if you hear her talking about dogs and cats, then tell a story of the pug in your neighbor’s yard who believes he is a cat. Keep the conversation lively and engaging without making it into a questioning session.

Confidence may be attractive but don’t confuse it as arrogance. There is a fine balance between coming across as confident and cocky. Confidence comes from knowing what you are capable of without constant validation by others.

Let’s discuss appearance. Dress nicely but make sure you are comfortable. If that’s your personal style, go for it! When it comes to making an impression, wearing clean clothes that fit properly is important.

Humor can be a very powerful tool. Laughter bonds people faster than almost any other form of communication. Share jokes from your past or funny incidents, but keep the humor light and inclusive.

Do not ignore your body language. Make sure you maintain eye contact while not staring at the ceiling like Medusa. Smile often. This is contagious.

We’ll now address rejection. Not every girl is interested in you and that’s okay. Remember that rejection doesn’t have to be about you. People may just not be compatible for various reasons.